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Ulster Rapidplay Championships 2017 - report

The 2017 Ulster Rapidplay Championships were held in the ambient Belfast room of the Ulster Museum.


Continuing his rise in Ulster chess, 1st place this year went to the 5th seed Daniil Zelenchuk who finished on 5/6.  As well pocketing the most prize money, the UCU junior now holds the crown of Ulster Rapidplay Champion.


Following a tense blitz playoff between Robert Lavery (4.5/6) and Modestas Razbadauskas (4.5/6), Robert secured 2nd place and Modestas 3rd.

Adding to an exciting end to the day, the under 1500 grading prize was also determined by a blitz play off between Ram Rajan (3.5/6) and William Storey (3.5/6).  With already an apparent advantage on the board, Ram secured the win on time.  Despite his loss, William was awarded the under 1300 grading prize for his overall performance.

Congratulations to the prize winners, Daniil Zelenchuk,  Robert Lavery, Ram Rajan and William Storey.

Final Crosstable

Rank   No  Name                       R1    R2    R3    R4    R5    R6    Score Prize

  1.    5  Daniil Zelenchuk          13w1  14b1   1b½   3w1   4w½  10b1    5.0  Champion
  2.    4  Robert Lavery             12b1  10w0  11b1   8w1   5b½   1w1    4.5  Runner-up
        3  Modestas Razbadauskas     11w1   8b1  10w1   5b0   2w½   9b1    4.5
  4.    1  Sergio Esteve Sanchez      9w1   7b1   5w½   2b½  10w1   4b0    4.0
  5.    7  Ram Rajan                 15w1   1w0  13b½  10b0  14w1   2b1    3.5  Grading
       12  William Storey             4w0   2b0  16w1  15b1   6b½  13w1    3.5  Grading
  7.   10  Michael Sheerin            2w1   4b1   3b0   7w1   1b0   5w0    3.0
        2  Christopher Kelly         10b0  12w1   9b1   1w½   3b½   7w0    3.0
        9  Patrick McKillen           1b0  15w1   2w0  13b1   8b1   3w0    3.0
        8  Martin Kelly              16b1   3w0  14w1   4b0   9w0   6b1    3.0
       11  Edward Doak                3b0  16w1   4w0  14b1  13w0  15b1    3.0
 12.   13  Dmitry Zelenchuk           5b0   6b1   7w½   9w0  11b1  12b0    2.5
 13.   15  Vincent O'Brien            7b0   9b0   6w1  12w0  16b1  11w0    2.0
 14.    6  Mikhail Pavlov            14b0  13w0  15b0  16b1  12w½   8w0    1.5
 15.   14  Paul Anderson              6w1   5w0   8b0  11w0   7b0  16w0    1.0
       16  Geoff Hindley              8w0  11b0  12b0   6w0  15w0  14b1    1.0

Some further photographs taken at the Championship

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