QUB Open Rapidplay 2006

The QUB Open returned to the Ulster chess circuit on Saturday the 25th of March 2006 with a new format and venue. Report by Chris Millar.
QUB Open Rapidplay 2006

Final Round action

The now five-round rapidplay tournament was held in the John Mercer Halls in South Belfast. The competition was won by four times Ulster champion Steve Scannell. Fisherwick’s Michael Waters secured the runner-up spot after a tiebreak win over Frank Wu of Methodist College. However, the schoolboy still had the consolation of a grading prize for his strong performance. The other grading prizes were won by an unbeaten Damien Lavery and Drew Ferguson of the QUB Chess Club. 
No Name                    Rtg  Club          Total  1    2    3    4    5  

1  Scannell, Stephen P.    2128 Bangor        4.5   10:W 17:W  5:W  2:W  3:D  1st Place Prize
2  Waters, Michael         2120 Fisherwick    4     13:W  9:W 16:W  1:L 10:W  2nd Place Prize
3  Lavery, Damien          1573 Bangor        4      0:D 13:W 14:W  9:W  1:D  Under 1801 Grading Prize
4  Wu, Frank               1500 _unassigned_  4      5:L 21:W 26:W 16:W  7:W  Under 1501 Grading Prize
5  Pilkiewicz, Nicholas    1890 Clifton House 3.5    4:W  7:W  1:L  6:D 18:W
6  Srinivasan, Anandagopal 1420 Fisherwick    3.5   17:L 26:W 15:W  5:D  8:W
7  Delaney, Alan           1703 North Belfast 3     18:W  5:L 22:W 14:W  4:L
8  Millar, Andrew          1091               3      0:D  0:D 20:W 11:W  6:L
9  Moorcroft, Martin       1732 Bangor        3     23:W  2:L 12:W  3:L 20:W
10 Woodfield, Ian          1567 Fisherwick    3      1:L 22:W 21:W 18:W  2:L
11 Johnston, Garry         1273 Bangor        3     16:L 25:W 17:W  8:L 19:W
12 Ferguson, Drew          1184 QUB           3     15:L 27:W  9:L 24:W 17:W  Under 1201 Grading Prize 
13 Leitch, Calum           1544 Bombardier    3      2:L  3:L 27:W 26:W 16:W
14 McMullen, Luke          1358 Fisherwick    2.5   20:W 19:W  3:L  7:L 15:D
15 Lavery, Robert          684  _unassigned_  2.5   12:W 18:L  6:L 23:W 14:D
16 Monaghan, John          985  RVH           2     11:W 23:W  2:L  4:L 13:L
17 Annesley, Gareth        1878 RVH           2      6:W  1:L 11:L 21:W 12:L
18 Storey, William         1380 RVH           2      7:L 15:W 19:W 10:L  5:L
19 Lavery, Damien J                           2      0:W 14:L 18:L 25:W 11:L
20 Wright, Andrew          1051 _unassigned_  2     14:L 28:W  8:L 22:W  9:L
21 Seaby, David            1130 Fisherwick    2     27:W  4:L 10:L 17:L 24:W
22 Gill, James             1239 _unassigned_  2     25:W 10:L  7:L 20:L 27:W
23 Beckett, Alexander      1419 Fisherwick    2      9:L 16:L 28:W 15:L 26:W
24 Murphy, Cathal          959  Fisherwick    1.5    0:D  0:D 25:D 12:L 21:L
25 Adamson, Neil           900  _unassigned_  1.5   22:L 11:L 24:D 19:L 28:W
26 Li, Eddie               1100 _unassigned_  1     28:W  6:L  4:L 13:L 23:L
27 Conn, Chris                                1     21:L 12:L 13:L 28:W 22:L
28 Haughey, Stephen                           0     26:L 20:L 23:L 27:L 25:L


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