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September FIDE rating report

Lots of opportunities to play in FIDE rated tournaments. Players gaining their first classical FIDE rating. September FIDE rating report by B.Jamison

The month of August saw two weekends of FIDE classic chess, the first in Newry (4 rounds of 60+0) and then the Ulster Championships in Belfast (6 rounds of 90+30). Congratulations to the 4 players earning their first standard rating.

Richard Morrow (Bangor Chess Club) makes his FIDE debut with an excellent rating of 1675:

Bobby Thompson (Belfast South Chess Club) establishes his FIDE standard rating with 1490:

James Wong (Strand Chess Club) has gained a FIDE classic of 1492:

Teenager James Douglas makes a brilliant debut of 1494:

Events 5 and 6 in the FIDE-rated NI Rapid Grand Prix will be held at Greenisland Chess Club and Omagh Chess Club. Dates to be confirmed very soon. A non-FIDE rated Junior rapid grand prix will also run alongside the FIDE rapid grand prix. The Junior will be UCU rated and is for newcomers or players rated approximately 1100 and under (this may be subject to a slight change, depending on level of entries at each event). A special engraved cup will be awarded to the winners of the FIDE NI Rapid Grand Prix and the UCU Junior Rapid Grand Prix.

For players hungry for more FIDE-rated tournaments, here are the next 6 scheduled over the next 6 weeks:

Sat 3 September:

Bangor Congress

NI Rapid Grand Prix [event 1 of 10]

Rapid: 6 rounds of 30+0

Entry fee: £12

Organiser/Arbiter: B.Jamison

Sun 4 September:

UK Open Blitz: Belfast Qualifier

Blitz: 10 rounds of 3+2

Entry fee: £20

Organiser/Arbiter: M. Newman

Thur 15 September:

Bangor Blitz Championship

6 rounds of 10+0

Entry fee: £8

Organiser/Arbiter: B.Jamison

Sat 17 September:

Downpatrick Rapid Championship

NI Rapid Grand Prix [event 2 of 10]

10 rounds of 15+0

Entry fee: £12

Organiser/Arbiter: B.Jamison

Fri 23 September:

Strand Rapid Championship

NI Rapid Grand Prix [event 3 of 10]

6 rounds of 12+0

Entry fee: £8

Organiser/Arbiter: B.Jamison & R.Harris

Sun 9 October:

Newry Autumn Rapid

NI Rapid Grand Prix [event 4 of 10]

10 rounds of 15+0

Entry fee: £12

Organiser/Arbiter: B.Jamison